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Premiere Listing for April

Dottie McIntyre

About Us

We know the territory!

Dottie McIntyre made the top 20% in property sales and listing again this year. Dottie is a MN licensed real estate agents as well as WI.


Dottie has strong people skills and has immense knowledge on both listing and buying side of transaction. 


Dottie loves the challenge of current real estate market and knows how to craft offers on homes that moves to the top of the list. Listing a home with Dottie will get you top dollar no matter what the circumstance!



Sue is an entrepreneur and Licensed Realtor. She has worked in rehab, location scouting (Hollywood Industry), mortgage, owns a farm wedding venue business and knows the territory in MN and western WI.


Self proclaimed as the city girl who went country. Sue

knows how to move you from the city to the country and is our Real Estate Logistics Manager, handling all the coordination on selling your properties. 

Sue Hegstrom
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